November 05 , 2015

Last spring we went to cappadocia.. cappadoccia is famous for its abstract landscape and rock formations. in third geological period when three volcanoes in the area errupted ,volcanoe ashes, lava with earthquakes erosion and wheather conditions form the valleys and fairy chimneys. these rock formations become home for the early christians. With its unique landscape, cappadoccia become religious refuge in early days of christianity. christians escaped from the persecution of the roman empire in the second century came to cappadoccia. rocks were easy to carve so christians carved houses monastries and chapels. they establish monastic communities here. 



 Fairy Chimneys, Abstract Landscape of Cappadoccia






 Beautiful Churches of Cappadoccia



I tried to catch the sunlight on the top window.and at the end I was very happy



 Ihlara valley,Its nature was so beautiful, we walk for about 1 hour to the beginning and the end of the valley. 





 and one last word ,especially one thing that cought my attention there was people lived very simple, not like us watching television, using pc all the time,  sending e-mails, cellular phones, traffic

they weren't living ultra busy lives as we are living today. but they were very close to nature and  the things they value most ,I think they were also happy and you can see and feel this serenity while you were visiting there although they lived hundreds of years ago.


Seden Bekit photographer
October 01 , 2015

Last week we were in Tenedos , It is a small island in north of Agean. When we arrive there was heavy rain, but the next day and following days It was sunny and windy.

 usually after breakfast we were making walking tours in the town .  Days were sunny and  the autumn lightwas beautiful we were taking hundreds of pictures of old agean style colorful houses and narrow streets.















Tenedos is famous for Its jams and cookies made there,  especially I love the tomatoe jam and  almond cookies. also in the island they make sherbet from flowers It is very  delicious

and lastly the sunset point was beautiful. people from all ages especially young people take chairs their picnic baskets teas with them to watch sunset.







Seden Bekit photographer
August 26 , 2015

Since mychildhood  we spent some part of our summer holiday in small peninsula in agean called datça .It has a beautiful nature ,

Sea  beaches wheather is wonderful. Even in very hot days It is windy.It is sorrounded with high mountains and dense forrests, with countless plant types.

 Every time I go there I take thousands of pictures . one afternoon when I was in smal harbour to take pictures I photograph fishing boats going to fishing.



İn datça everywhere is surrounded with olive trees ,



in agean most of the families make winter preparation from summer times, they dried the  vegetables like pepper and tomatoe in the sun ,It becomes very delicious



Also Sage tea is a must


and one afternoon we went o old Datça  to take photographs we saw the some of the old typical house styles of agean



 and the last word you have to see it to live it.


Seden Bekit photographer
August 12 , 2015


This Summer, we made an exhibition  in agean, small peninsula, named Datça. We, with my bestfriend Didem. İn our exhibiton there are photographs and acyrlic painting of flowers.

Actually I'm a hobbyist photographer and love to take pictures of especially flowers and nature. for me, as life itself photography is a continous discovery and learning,  I took our exhibition photos of flowers in 2 years time.

My friend Didem also loves to paint since childhood  and she is a financial consultant. 

Because It was our first exhibition, we were both very excited and happy, and It feels great to express share our love for nature and flowers with the people through photography and painting.











Seden Bekit photographer

Hello , I’m Seden. I’m a Photographer, writer and nature lover 

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