Agean Style

August 26 , 2015    Seden Bekit

Since mychildhood  we spent some part of our summer holiday in small peninsula in agean called datça .It has a beautiful nature ,

Sea  beaches wheather is wonderful. Even in very hot days It is windy.It is sorrounded with high mountains and dense forrests, with countless plant types.

 Every time I go there I take thousands of pictures . one afternoon when I was in smal harbour to take pictures I photograph fishing boats going to fishing.



İn datça everywhere is surrounded with olive trees ,



in agean most of the families make winter preparation from summer times, they dried the  vegetables like pepper and tomatoe in the sun ,It becomes very delicious



Also Sage tea is a must


and one afternoon we went o old Datça  to take photographs we saw the some of the old typical house styles of agean



 and the last word you have to see it to live it.