Our Trip to Cappadoccia

November 05 , 2015    Seden Bekit

Last spring we went to cappadocia.. cappadoccia is famous for its abstract landscape and rock formations. in third geological period when three volcanoes in the area errupted ,volcanoe ashes, lava with earthquakes erosion and wheather conditions form the valleys and fairy chimneys. these rock formations become home for the early christians. With its unique landscape, cappadoccia become religious refuge in early days of christianity. christians escaped from the persecution of the roman empire in the second century came to cappadoccia. rocks were easy to carve so christians carved houses monastries and chapels. they establish monastic communities here. 



 Fairy Chimneys, Abstract Landscape of Cappadoccia






 Beautiful Churches of Cappadoccia



I tried to catch the sunlight on the top window.and at the end I was very happy



 Ihlara valley,Its nature was so beautiful, we walk for about 1 hour to the beginning and the end of the valley. 





 and one last word ,especially one thing that cought my attention there was people lived very simple, not like us watching television, using pc all the time,  sending e-mails, cellular phones, traffic

they weren't living ultra busy lives as we are living today. but they were very close to nature and  the things they value most ,I think they were also happy and you can see and feel this serenity while you were visiting there although they lived hundreds of years ago.